FEBRUARY 12-16TH 2024

Be Inspired And Celebrate The Remarkable Legacy Of Bob Proctor With Dynamite Lifestyle. For Over Six Decades, His Powerful Teachings Have Created A Positive Impact On Countless Lives - Join Us In Commemorating His Extraordinary Legacy Over 5 Days.

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5 Days - 5 Greatest Paradigm Shifts

Joining Us In The Tribute Will Be The Most Important Decision Of Your Life. Plus, I Will Reveal Something That Is Guaranteed To Have A Instant Impact On Your Daily Life!




DAY 1 - Self Shift

Day 1 -  I AM ENOUGH

Who Am I?  A question that 98% of the population struggle with all their lives and settle for less than what they are capable of. A question that troubled me and kept my results sub-power until Bob taught me how to UNLOCK the source of potential within.

- Discover who you really are at a spiritual level
- Let go of limiting beliefs that keep you broke
- Create calmness and clarity of mind

Monday (All times are in UK Timezone)

12 pm - The Self-Shift with Kim Calvert 

3 pm - Live Implementation Session With Lindsay Calvert

8 pm - My Father Knew The Secret With Brian Proctor

DAY 2- Mind Shift


Success and happiness come down to mindset, but what is the mind, and what are the set of tools we already possess?  We all have a mind and most only unlock 10% of their potential.  I had a mind, but I wasn’t THINKING. Bob taught me how to think, how to use the power I ready have and become aware of my infinite potential

- Unlock potential by increasing awareness
- Understand your mind and how to use your mental toolkit
- Adjust your attitude to abundance

Tuesday (All times are in UK Timezone)

12 pm - The Mind Shift with Kim Calvert 

3 pm - Success Stories With Emma Shevlin

8 pm - Join us live to hear the extraordinary weekly wins from our current clients 

DAY 3 - Results Shift


How do results happen? This was a life-changing paradigm shift. When Bob taught me that all results are a reflection of my mind, it gave me the keys to the kingdom. My results have gone from £4.20, working 40+ hrs a week as a nurse, to now earning over 8 figures through serving others, with more time to experience life with the ones I love.

- Discover the science behind all results (good and bad)
- Reveal the ONE thing that pulls you back each time, making things hard
- Learn how to close the GAP

Wednesday (All times are in UK Timezone)

12 pm - The Results Shift with Kim Calvert 

3 pm - Live Implementation Session With Lindsay Calvert

8 pm - The L.O.V.E Masterclass (Understanding Levels Of Vibrational Energy)

DAY 4 - Money Shift


Everyone wants more, but no one wants to talk about it…until now.
Shifting my thinking and beliefs on money has given me a total life of freedom, but the best part is that it has allowed me to GIVE more to others.  “Money is a reward you receive for the service you render. The more valuable the service, the greater the reward.”

- Discover how to shift from LACK mindset to Abundance
- Learn techniques to attract more prosperity to you
- Discover the ONE universal law that opens the floodgates to sales and abundance

Thursday (All times are in UK Timezone)

12 pm - The Money Shift with Kim Calvert 

3 pm - Success Stories With Emma Shevlin

8 pm - The Preview To Your Success With Kim Calvert

DAY 5 - Faith Shift


Ever wonder where the power comes from to turn an acorn into an oak tree?   Bob was the greatest teacher when it came to the universal laws and how to work in harmony with them for a life of joy, flow and ease.  Learning how to reprogram my mind from fear to faith was a lifesaver.

- Uncover the universal laws and how to let them work for you
- Learn how to work in harmony with these laws to achieve BIG GOALS
- Develop an unwavering faith that knows no limits.

Friday (All times are in UK Timezone)

12 pm - The Faith Shift with Kim Calvert 

3 pm - Live Implementation Session With Lindsay Calvert

8 pm - Exclusive Webinar With Bob Proctor


"If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else."

Big Reveal No.1 - How To Create Amazing Personal Goals

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Kim will be taking you on an exciting journey of an EXTRAORDINARY personal goal recently achieved!

Not only that, she will be sharing her secrets on how she used this material to achieve this success and showing you how to apply this material to achieve your OWN personal success! Prepare to have your mind blown!

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"If You Can See It In Your Mind, You Will Hold It In Your Hand."

-Bob Proctor

Client Tributes To Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor Has Been An Invaluable Source Of Inspiration And Guidance To Many. His Wisdom Will Remain With Us, Forever Propelling Generations Towards A Life Of Success And Abundance. These Touching Tributes From Our Clients Are A Testament To The Immense Impact He Had On The World Around Him.

Sinead Welsh

International Child Protection Specialist

Hugh McCulloch


Lamar Schoell


Siobhan Crowther

Human Resources

Marietta Corey

Property Developer

Tracy Doherty

Corporate Founder