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Do You Want To Learn The Art Of Achieving MORE in All Areas of Your Life in Less Time

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Creating calmness and clarity in your mind and accelerating you forward to the path of achievement!


Overcome that stuck feeling for good!

One major reason that people are stuck is that they have no goals.

The second major reason why people are stuck is because they have goals but they're not implementing or taking action towards the goals!

If you can relate then register now for the Art Of Achievement replays and overcome that stuck feeling for good!

By accessing the Art Of Achievement replays you will be provided with the EXACT strategies you need to INCREASE your productivity, IMPROVE your efficiency, and ACHIEVE your goals more effectively.


You are probably here because your - Seeking Change in Your Life.

By the end of these 3 short sessions


Access To An Industry Expert

Kim Calvert is a high-performance expert. Learn the secrets of her achievement and surpassing your limits from one of the most qualified experts in the world.

Kim's journey is an inspiration in itself, having propelled herself from a mere £4.20 to creating an 8-figure company. With Kim's unparalleled knowledge and experience, success is just a step away

Identify Your Gaps

Discover and conquer the roadblocks holding you back!

Gain the tools and insights you need to identify and overcome your fears and limitations and propel yourself towards success.

Accelerate Your Growth

Discover effective strategies and techniques for improvement that will take you to the next level.

Master the art of high performance and experience the power of true achievement.

Experience a community of high-achievers

Experience the thrill of being surrounded by individuals who understand your journey and actively support your personal growth.

This is an exclusive, vibrant community of go-getters, where excellence is not just a goal, but a way of life!

Increase Productivity

By identifying the areas where improvement can be made in how one works, you will increase your results in less time. By understanding the strategies used by high-performers and implementing them accordingly you will create tangible improvements in your productivity levels.

Clarity & Direction

By attending this workshop you will have the clarity and direction needed to move forward towards the life you desire.

You will be provided with clear steps you need to take to accelerate your results.


  • You are working harder than you ever have but have nothing to show for it?
  • You spend time worrying about the future and self-sabotaging your attempts to change?
  • You know you have more to give but you're lost without a plan or guide?
  • You have all the books and completed numerous ‘programs’ but are more confused and feel lost in the noise?


  • You learn to calm your mind and become clear and focused on your goals!
  • You are now working less and earning more giving you time to do what you love to do!
  • You realise your true potential and finally move on to that idea!
  • You find a place that feels like home, where you have everything you need in one supportive, creative growth-oriented environment!

About Kim Calvert:

Kim is the CEO and Founder of Dynamite Lifestyle Ltd. She is a global expert in high performance, both on a personal and professional level.

Kim started out lost in a professional career as a clinical nurse specialist working harder than ever, giving up more time and earning less. With £4.20 in her pocket, she realised there must be a better way to make an impact on the world and live an enriched life also. After studying under Bob Proctor's direct mentorship for 7 years, she has now done just that.

Kim now devotes her life to helping others "waken" up one thought at a time and live a fulfilled, enriched life by design. Kim operates multiple companies ranging from 6 - 8 figures, and she now shares the mindset shifts that got her and over 5,000 clients to a place of ultimate achievement.



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